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About us

Cryptocurrency Business School is the world's first online crypto business school. The aim of the school is to educate independent coaching staff who will be able to act independently and become experts in the field of cryptocurrency. The Academic staff is compromised by educated professors, economists and lawyers who have been investing, regulating, consulting and implementing cryptocurrencies for many years.
Unique educational programs created by Cryptocurrency Business School are the ground stone of the next coaching institutions in this field. What sets this prestigious coaching school diploma apart from others is that Cryptocurrency Business School provides its graduates with support in starting their own businesses and a complete “Know-How” concept. Except theoretical part, all students have a compulsory practical part based on live sessions with their lecturers.
Also, besides we create coaching experts, our institution gives a daily/monthly/yearly analysis of the cryptocurrencies movement and any possible changes in the market.
Our graduates (Both Cryptocurrency Investment Managers and Cryptocurrency Business Consultants), professional traders and professional investors can base their business on those analysis.
In the near future our aim is to become an institution that will give accreditations and certificates for quality control, to other educational institutions in this field, as well as to independent Cryptocurrency Business Consultants and Cryptocurrency Investment Managers.
Director and Founder of the school
Nikola Mitic
Crytocurrency Business&Legal Coach
LLM Teaching Assistant (PhD dissertation - Cryptocurrency Legal aspects)


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