Cryptocurrency Business Consultant Diploma

The day to day dealings of a consultant vary significantly based on each individual consultant.

Some consultants focus on strategy while others do the heavy lifting. Some consultants will travel to a client’s business while others will only ever interact online. Some consultants offer ongoing help while others do one-time engagements.

Most of these differences revolve around the consultant’s core offer. The most common consulting offers fall into one of four categories:

  • 1. Strategic Advice
  • 2. Done-For-You Service
  • 3. One-Time Training
  • 4. Ongoing Coaching

Cryptocurrency Business Consultants need to be able to manage their own agencies as experts in the Cryptocurrency world. They must participate in their implementation into society in the coming years, selling the advice and trainings to the people that step into the financial sector.

Cryptocurrency Business Consultants can have varied roles and responsibilities, depending on the firm, which can include:

  • Crypto financial statement analysis
  • Providing investors with investment products, advice, and/or planning.
  • Crypto financial planning and advising
  • Actively monitoring the client's investments and working with them as their financial objectives change over time.
  • Coaching and live sessions with the clients
  • It is obligatory to have your own agency in order to reach your maximum as a consultant

One of the greatest advantages of this course, experts in this field are enabled to be among the first experts worldwide to deal specifically with this field. Their own businesses will be among the first institutions in the field of Cryptocurrency Business Consultancy.

# Study Program
1. History of money
2. Bitcoin’s approach to the Byzantine Generals’ Problem
3. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
4. Cryptocurrency Regulation Law
5. Fundamentals of Business
6. Characteristics and Purposes of the Blockchain
7. Cryptocurrencies Taxonomy
8. Sales
9. Bitcoin in Practice 1
10. Bitcoin in Practice 2
11. Bitcoin in Practice 3
12. Hashes in practice

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