Cryptocurrency Investment Management Diploma

Investment managers help clients reach their investment goals by managing their money. Clients of investment managers can include individual investors as well as institutional investors such as educational institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, retirement plans, and governments. Investment managers can work with equities, bonds, and commodities, including precious metals like gold and silver.

Cryptocurrency Investment Managers need to be able to analyze cryptocurrency price movements, their development and to participate in their implementation into society in the coming years.

Cryptocurrency Investment managers can have varied roles and responsibilities, depending on the firm, which can include:

  • Crypto financial statement analysis
  • Portfolio allocation such as a proper mix of bonds and stocks
  • Equity research and buy and sell recommendations
  • Crypto financial planning and advising
  • Raising funds or capital based on cryptocurrency
  • Invest for oneself or manage an own agency and work with own clients

As the greatest opportunity, experts in this field are enabled to be among the first experts worldwide to deal specifically with this field. Their own businesses will be among the first institutions in the field of Cryptocurrency Investment Management.

# Study Program
1. History of money
2. Bitcoin’s approach to the Byzantine Generals’ Problem
3. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
4. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain - Legal context and tax evasion
5. Forex
6. Stocks – Basics
7. Characteristics and Purposes of the Blockchain
8. Cryptocurrencies Taxonomy
9. Bitcoin in Practice 1
10. Bitcoin in Practice 2
11. Bitcoin in Practice 3
12. Hashes in practice

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